The Seasick Walrus


The Seasick Walrus


Adapted posthumously from the original 1930s plaster and oil on wood mount sculpture.

Medium: Hand-painted Cast Resin Sculpture
Sculpture Dimensions: 6.37"h x 7.25"w x 4.5"d

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Reference: DS0WAL

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The Seasick Walrus joins one of Dr. Seuss’s most sought-after sculptures, The Tufted Gustard, as one of the only known works to have been transformed over time from its original state. Like The Gustard, The Seasick Walrus originally was a simple sculpted head, later mounted on a small round base. 

The Walrus, circa 1935, underwent a similar transformation some years after it had been sculpted. Not only had it acquired a round base, it had also been affixed to a larger Navy-like shield emblazoned with a star at the bottom. This shield incorporated a similar look and feel to drawings Ted had completed for his popular Seuss Navy project in the late 1930s. It is believed that Ted reworked The Seasick Walrus (and possibly even renamed it at that time) to include it in one of his Seuss Navy exhibitions at the annual New York City National Motor Boat Show.

Researching the artistic legacy of Ted Geisel can, at times, feel like the work of an archeologist searching for lost artifacts of an ancient civilization. Ted was incredibly prolific throughout his entire life and, while many works from his early career were documented, others have fallen into obscurity.

Until recently there were 17 known Taxidermy works created by Ted Geisel in the early 1930s. Each work has since been meticulously reproduced in small limited editions as part of the Art of Dr. Seuss Collection, with the majority of these works either sold out or exceptionally rare in their availability.