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Coyote Cash

Noun: Coyote Cash (coy·o·te kaSH) 

1: cash held by a wolflike wild dog native to North America

2 : ready money minted by the Chuck Jones Gallery

3: collector money given at the time of purchase to put towards future artwork by Chuck Jones

Origin: The consultants were brainstorming ideas on how to thank clients of the Chuck Jones Galleries. Consultants came up with Coyote Cash and Chuck Bucks, and Coyote Cash became the official name ...

The Details

  • Coyote Cash is a special thank you to the clients of the Chuck Jones Galleries from our parent company and art publisher, Linda Jones Enterprises. It rewards collectors for building their fine art collection at the Chuck Jones Galleries.

  • For every purchase of any art, framing, sculpture or merchandise, the collector earns 10% of the total purchase in Coyote Cash. That savings can be applicable, up to 50%* of their future purchases of select artwork published by Linda Jones Enterprises within that calendar year.

  • Please contact a Chuck Jones Gallery consultant to find out how much Coyote Cash you have accumulated.


Can I spend up to 50% of my Coyote Cash on any eligible item?

Most, but there is some eligible artwork where less than 50% is available to use. 

What is the most I can earn on a purchase?  

$5,000 maximum

How do I know which artwork is available to spend my Coyote Cash on?

Most of the artwork published in Limited Edition by LJE created by Chuck Jones, as well as several Warner Bros. licensed artwork are available. Look for the Coyote Cash dollar icon on our catalog or check with your Chuck Jones art consultant to assist you with your selection.

May I use my Coyote Cash on

Coyote Cash may not be used for online purchases.

If I don’t buy that kind of art why can’t I get a discount on originals, or other studios and artists?

Coyote Cash is not a discount.  It is a reward given by LJE on their published artwork. Artwork from other studios and archives as well as select original artwork from Chuck Jones is not under purview of Linda Jones Enterprises.

Is there any original production art I can use it on?  

YES ... there are several Chuck Jones productions from which original production art may be selected. A complete list is available from your Chuck Jones Gallery art consultant, but includes art from such animated films as “A Cricket in Times Square”, “Rikki Tikki Tavi”, “The Phantom Tollbooth” and the Warner Bros. compilation animated television specials produced and directed by Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng.  

Does Coyote Cash ever expire?  

Coyote Cash is issued for one year, and expires on December 31 of that calendar year. December purchases may be carried into the following year.

*Some restrictions may apply, contact your Chuck Jones Gallery art consultant for details.