Quit Steamin' Up My Tail


Quit Steamin' Up My Tail


by Chuck Jones

Medium: Giclee on Canvas

Size:  12" x 16"

Reference: GICLEE-85-134


$595 Unframed


**Coyote Cash Eligible

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"Bully for Bugs" (Aug. 8, 1953)
Director: Chuck Jones

"Stop steaming up my tail! What do you wanna do, wrinkle it?"

Chuck Jones said that the inspiration for this classic cartoon came when a producer at Warner Brothers' cartoon unit suddenly announced one day, "I don't want any pictures about bullfighting! There's nothing funny about a bullfight." To which Jones and writer Michael Maltese's reaction was, since everything the producer ever said was absolutely wrong, "there must be something funny about a bullfight!"

They proved the producer wrong, with one of the funniest Looney Tunes ever!